Meet Our Team

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You can’t hire people like us individually.
We are a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds spanning across analytics, marketing, brand, data & computer science, market research, mathematics, operations, and corporate finance.

We have worked in over 15 countries, operate in 12 languages, and have a proven track record of leveraging our complimentary disciplines to drive client growth and profitability.

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Our Executive Team

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Edgar Baum

Founder & CEO
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Sam Sutherland

Head of Product
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Anam Hussain

Head of Strategy and Analytics
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Orlando Gutierrez

Head of Client Engagements
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Susan Nelson Kendall

Senior Research Advisor
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Want to empower

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companies around the world?

If you're passionate about continuous learning and want to be integral in helping companies reach their business objectives, check out our Careers Page.

Olivia, Edgar, and Anam discussing business strategy in a conference room in Quebec City.