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To make optimal business decisions, you need the right information, but how do you know what is relevant, irrelevant, and still unknown? That’s where we come in.

Through our financial and mathematical approaches, we integrate your existing customer, sales, and market data with our own research to uncover richer insights into what matters most to your business.

Rather than using trends and projections based on historical results, Avasta's mathematical approaches enable us to attribute a financial value to the different customer-types in the marketplace, prioritized from highest to the lowest. We're able to identify what types of sales, marketing and other business activities provide a greater ROI than the status quo.

Our research and analytic methods provide richer, more precise market understanding. We use thick data, rather than big data, to collect the most representative information about our clients’ buyers. We use stratified sampling to reduce the margin of error in what we collect from the market. We don’t try to fit things into pre-defined distributions, we analyze it over financial, firmographic, and behavioral dimensions to uncover actionable, predictive insights that were previously hidden.

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Discover your most valuable customers and use their perspective to optimize your strategy. Learn about the Avasta team and our dedication to fostering clarity for companies around the world.