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A buyer profile is a detailed description of a segment of buyers. Buyer Profiles can be constructed for a business’s most valuable buyers, all the way down to seasonal buyers in the market.

Using qualitative and quantitative methods, we identify the key buyer profiles that exist in the market and determine how winnable each is to our client given their current product and brand state. Findings are used to craft marketing and sales strategies based on the segments that our client identifies as their ideal profile. In our Spectra solution, we determine where the financial value lives in the market and where our client can realize their market opportunity. This provides the key purchase decision factors needed to craft effective messaging strategies and helps sales prioritize opportunities using a more focused strategy and specific targets to profile.


Buyer profiles help our clients segment the market into clusters of customer types. This is used to identify how different segments are serviceable by our client, and how the client’s subsequent messaging should change based on target segments.


A client who is a research technology provider would have 3 main buyer profiles

  • An agency power user
  • An in-house generalist
  • Startups

Each of these three profiles have different needs. Agencies require a more robust feature set, startups need to move quickly and cheaply, and in-house generalists fall in the middle of the two. Depending on who our client targets are, their messaging and product roadmap will be different.


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