B2B Technology Company Increases Marketing ROI by 24% with Avasta

Improving sales and marketing performance through multi-touch attribution

Case Study

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We partnered with a 50+ year old German-based B2B technology software company with a 1.5B+ market cap and 5000+ employees in more than 70 locations worldwide. The CMO hired Avasta to address the company's marketing underinvestment, lack of data to attribute marketing performance to revenue, and ineffective last-touch attribution model.

Questions We Addressed

How many companies can we actually sell to?

What is the return on marketing investment?

Which customers are most likely to want to buy from us?

Where do I focus my sales and marketing efforts for the best ROI?

How do I improve how many deals we close and our revenue?

What do I need to know about my customers to inform product and strategy?


We conducted internal client data analysis and in-depth interviews with the company's leadership team to identify organizational, data, and process gaps. Historically our client considered multiple contacts from the same company as separate opportunities, inflating the pipeline and adding noise. We therefore introduced a new view of prioritizing enterprise relationship over contact level relationships, increasing the quality of leads and reducing noise.


With the adoption of a multi-touch attribution model (rather than last-touch attribution) and a new lead qualification algorithm, the client experienced an 11% increase in deal close rates, 24% increase in marketing ROI, and a 26% increase in average transaction value. Our guidance also helped the client identify high growth opportunities and how to reach them.

By mapping the customer buyer journey, we demonstrated how sales and marketing worked hand in hand, with 90% of deals having a marketing touch. This allowed the client to allocate their marketing budget more accurately and make better business decisions.

Our continued partnership with the B2B technology software company is a testament to the effectiveness of prioritizing enterprise relationships, data integration and analysis, multi-touch attribution, and lead qualification algorithms in maximizing marketing ROI.

About Avasta:

We are a collective of insights consultants that help leaders grow their business by identifying your most valuable opportunities and empowering you with the insights needed to attain them. Our purpose is to provide the insights companies are missing and bring a new level of clarity to the strategic decision-making process.

Our team comprises of diverse professionals with expertise in analytics, marketing, brand, data & computer science, market research, mathematics, operations, and corporate finance. With experience in over 15 countries and proficiency in 12 languages, we have a successful track record of utilizing our complimentary disciplines to increase client growth and profitability.

Here to help

Discover your most valuable customers and use their perspective to optimize your strategy. Learn about the Avasta team and our dedication to fostering clarity for companies around the world.

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