Strategy Pod Revenue Recovery Report

Executive Sentiment on Revenue Recovery from the Impact of COVID-19

Companies are operating in a fragile environment but often miss capabilities, data and pace….
Edelweiss Publications

Estimated Stock Price based on Company Communications:

Mind Genomics and Cognitive Economics as Knowledge-Creation Tools for Behavioral Finance…
Brand Annual 2019

In the Midst of a Paradigm Shift:

Companies are Brands, Intangibles are Tangible, Expenses are Assets. By Edgar Baum. Page 90 and 91…
The Champagne Strategy Podcast Episode 7

Brand Strategy and Evaluation

Edgar Baum on Measuring Brands’ Contribution to Revenue with Mathematical Accuracy – The Evaluation of Intangibles…
Forbes four traps

Four Traps That Prevent Marketers From Generating Accurate Insights

“I talked with Edgar Baum, brand economist and Founder and CEO of Avasta Incorporated, about the CMO Knowledge Gaps.”

The CMO Knowledge Gap

“I’ve recently come in contact with a number of ex-blue-chip CPGers who lament the decline of the big companies.”
The Conference Board

Goodwill vs. Intangible Assets – A Lesson Learnt from a Recent $15 Billion Write Down

“Goodwill in financial terms is used to explain the intangible assets of an acquired company.”