We use advanced mathematics to measure what couldn’t be measured in business before.


Edgar Baum, Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO, Edgar leads the development of Avasta’s methods, tools, and internal standards.
Working with founders, C-suite, and boards, Edgar helps develop and commercialize the types of mathematics that are required to integrate data and information of different types and sources.

It’s the math-based measurement approaches and solutions that lead to discovery and integration of data into solving problems and enhancing strategy.

Our mathematics, as a branch of information theory, enables information to be carried forward in time, rather than the present practice of data being stored in a static state and retrieved as necessary.
"By integrating data types that historically haven't been used in strategic decision making, we’re able to unlock the potential in your brand, workforce, and intellectual property - thereby helping you grow your business.
We call this measurement enabled strategy.”

MK Marsden, Chief Advisor

MK has created and launched eight companies from computer networks and object-oriented databases to data-driven omni-channel marketing.
She launched the first transactional e-mail company that was acquired by Acxiom. Subsequently, she was the global head of marketing for Epsilon.
MK is a certified board member and has sat on the boards of Japanese, American, and Canadian corporations and contributes to the ongoing development of the American boardroom-level standards for reporting on Intangible Assets.