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Welcome to The Brand Community of
measurement-driven strategists sponsored by Avasta
The Brand Community is a growing collective of practitioners & thought leaders in Strategic Brand Measurement. We understand the importance of connecting with others to learn and develop new ideas in brand measurement. The foundation of the community is the Brand Evaluation Standard. It provides a starting point to unlock how to financially measure a brand, define its identity and maximize its financial value.

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The Brand Community builds on the Standard and the powerful concept of innovating through collaboration and access to the brightest thinkers and best tools in the industry.

Community Benefits:

Resources, tools and case studies

Accelerate professional growth within your field

Learn and collaborate
with industry insiders

Expand your
professional network

Upskilling your team
and organization

The Brand Community Webinar
April 22 2021 @ 8:00PM EST

Join on Thursday, April 22 for a webinar about the community’s pages, how you can interact with other members, and what plans we have prepared for down the road!

Edgar Baum from Avasta will be the host of the evening and available to answer any curiousities you may have about The Brand Community.